Saturday 22 June 2013

FlashFlood: 'The Literary Vampire'

I am a predator, you must understand. I thirst, I hunt, I kill. Why? Because it is in my nature. Because I must. And therefore I cannot feel sorry for the woman in my arms, I cannot learn the history of the man on tonight's menu. I cannot. It would ruin the simple taste of my meal...

After the blog post and accompanying piece of flash fiction (called 'The Blank Page') that I blogged about earlier this week, another piece of flash has been published online by the Flash Flood journal blog today.

Go on over and have a look! Read 'The Literary Vampire' (you will be magically transported to where it dwells by clicking the image to the right or the link below.) I will add it to my website shortly, but first I have a few book translations to start and finish...

'The Literary Vampire' was posted on June 22 by Flash Flood Journal.

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