Friday 10 July 2015

Favourite Quote: the feline faces

I came across this gem in a book I'm currently translating, but I love it! It describes so perfectly something that's become more and more standard these days: the feline faces.

Cosmetic surgery has warped the faces of every woman over thirty; they don't look younger, just not quite human in a way society has decided to pretend not to see.
- Claudia Gray, A Thousand Pieces of You

Men and women alike undergo plastic surgery, not just once, but several times, to 'improve' lord knows what they thought was wrong with them. And for some reason, after a few tweaks, they all start to look alike. Their faces obtain a feline quality, something cat-like, something prowly.

Skin around the eyes is stretched too wide, drawn too far back. The nose has been reshaped according to its owner's wishes, but now attracts more attention than it could possibly have ever done by its own, natural self. Cheekbones are nearly protruding obstacles, eyebrows are painted on in a wheareabouts kind of way. People look at you from behind what looks more like a mask than a face. And nobody even beats an eyelash any more.

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