Monday 23 September 2013

Author Jordanna East on Blood in the Past and writing murderous plots

Hello Jordanna, author of Blood in the Past and Blood in the Paint (scheduled for winter 2013)! Let me guess… they're not exactly romance novels? Tell us a little more about what you write about.
*laughs* Hi Sandra! You guessed correctly, definitely NOT romance. They’re psychological thrillers; some might refer to them as crime thrillers, though I try to shy away from that categorization because they’re not whodunits. The reader already knows the ‘who’. The journey the books take you on is ‘why’.

They are psychological thrillers because not all humans are well-adjusted and deal with the pressures and grievances of life normally. Sometimes life pushes and people push back…violently. In Blood in the Past, when one character pushes back, it sets off a chain reaction of events and three characters become intertwined, all pushing back in various ways. Blood in the Paint takes place ten years later, when they all come to be aware of each other, so to speak. It’s a very fun story arc to write. (Yes, I know saying writing complex murderous plots is ‘fun’ makes me look just as psychopathic as my characters.)

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