Tuesday 2 July 2013

Author Sherry Soule on Immortal Eclipse

Hi Sherry, thank you for doing a Q&A and providing me with an e-ARC of Immortal Eclipse, your latest stand-alone novel! (The review is up on my BookBag blog!) Let's start with a little bit about you… 

How many books have you written so far, in which genres?
Well, I have written ten books, but only three are published thus far. I write both young adult and adult novels in the urban fantasy, horror (zombie), and paranormal romance genres.

I see several WIPs on your website: do you work on more than one story at once?
[P.S. A WIP is a Work In Progress...] I used to do that but now I force myself to focus on only one story at a time.

What is your writing routine like?
For me it takes about four to six months to finish a novel. Once I finish a second draft, I find at least two beta readers that I can convince to read my drivel. With their feedback, I revise. If I get writer’s block or can’t think of a clever way to describe something, I go to Internet and read online poetry. That helps, because then I’m full of pretty prose and ideas. I revise again. I’ll continually do this until the story is finished. Next I put each chapter into the AutoCrit Wizard software. It catches a lot of overused words and phrases, passives and telling words, info-dumps, dialogue tags, and...

Come and read the entire interview with Sherry Soule HERE!

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