Thursday 29 November 2012

NaNo: My Supernatural Vibe... Just Vanished


When I started to formulate an idea I could use for NaNoWriMo, I decided to go with a sixteen or seventeen year old heroine. Her name came to me out of nowhere: Feather Everett. And for a week or two, I wondered if I could name a girl Feather (and what it would do to her), and why on earth I'd come up with that name. I tried thinking of her as Faith for a while, but I decided that a different name would add to her personality.

Slowly, Feather's family situation started to come together. She lived with her mom, they had just moved from the big city to a small village... and after a few days I gave mom a boyfriend who had a daughter of his own. Her name had to be Paige. Because no matter what other names I came up with, Paige was the one that kept overriding them all.

When you decide that your story falls into the Young Adult category, you know - you just know - that there also needs to be A Guy. Someone who falls for your heroine, or she for him, or maybe, just maybe, they end up liking each other. Or do so right away. Who knows?

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