Monday 12 November 2012

NaNo Days 10 and 11: Birthday Weekend


I noticed the NaNo calendar just now - it has Monday on red (it's only 10:30 A.M.), Sunday is yellow (so between 'yes' and 'no' that must mean 'maybe') and Saturday nicely green. What rubbish.

Yesterday my word count was 31,490, and I missed the 1667 words per day target by only two hundred words. The day before that, I wrote something like 5000 words, working ahead, as it were. My daily target-to-make-it has dropped to below 1000 words. But the calendar doesn't agree. Just like it doesn't seem to get that it's still Monday morning. Why does that bug me?

I've worked ahead for this weekend, because it was my birthday and I had two days of visitors to look forward to. I figured I wouldn't get much work done, so I worked ahead. And I'm immensely proud that as of this morning I've reached over 34,000 words. It's just that that calendar with yesterday on the expected red, still looks like a fail grade. I'm a little silly that way, I guess.

How's my story coming along? Fine. I'm progressing steadily and sometimes I have to stop myself in a dialogue and wonder where it's going. It's so easy to write conversations that you sometimes forget the conversation should have a point, otherwise it's just marked for future deletion.

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