Wednesday 14 November 2012

NaNo Day 14: Mission Completed, But Not Done


It's November 14 and I've reached the 50,000 words marker in my NaNo project. I'm incredibly proud to have made it, and so quickly too. And yes, just as I predicted, my story isn't finished yet. Which means, neither am I.

If I have one writetip, it would be the one that is part and parcel of the NaNo experience: don't overthink it, just write. Plan ahead, build a skeleton from head to toe, and then start dressing it up. Underwear, socks, shirt, jeans, sweater, coat and shoes. Worry about all the accessories and the hairdo later.

Right now, I have these dots. They need connecting. I'm worried that A) any reader will be far from surprised once my characters join these dots, because I've been spelling it out too much, B) I'm having these characters connect certain dots way too quickly because of the time constraints within the novel, and C) even once the dots are connected, it doesn't pack even half the punch I wish it would.

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