Friday 9 November 2012

NaNo Day 9: Halfway and More


I feel very proud of myself for my discipline and stamina that have gotten me past 25,000 words yesterday. It makes me believe I can do this - I can 'win' this NaNoWriMo and get to 50K and it won't even take me the entire month. Which is good news, trust me, because I have deadlines to keep and a child to pay attention to. Which is, once more, why I'm so darn proud of myself already. (Someone's gotta be.)

What begins to dawn on me, however, is that making the 50K within a decent number of days doesn't seem to be much of a problem anymore right now. I can totally make that and then continue with my current translation (which needs to be handed in at the end of the month).

The thing is... I'm beginning to doubt that 50,000 words will be enough for this tale. And right now I find it difficult to estimate whether it's a matter of 60K, closer to 80K, slightly more or a lot more than that.

Which makes it hard to conjecture when the actual story will be finished in a first draft sense of the word. Because I also realise that it needs editing. I'm constantly worried about my plot as it is, and I'm sure it needs extra tweaking to make it more clever, maybe even more thrilling or less predictable. Or maybe it just looks predictable to me because I know the outcome?

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