Thursday 28 February 2013

NaNo: Slightly Scared (Staring At My Laptop)

A strange title for a post perhaps, but I've managed to postpone (a nicer word than procrastinate) looking at my NaNo efforts for at least a week now. I even happily sat down to do my income taxes first. Priorities and all that. The real truth is: I'm a little bit scared.

The thing is, apart from picking up the wonderful book I truly am reading, there's no reason for me not to open my small laptop and go over my "book" (quotation marks fully intentional). And yet, every time I think of actually doing just that, I feel a fluttering of butterflies in my stomach and my mind produces some other odd job I could also take care of first. What's up with that?

For some reason I feel anxious to open that particular document with the intention of rereading the entire text and making notes to improve it. I might even skip the notes part, dive right in and use delete and backspace more than I should. Or not. I might like what I came up with and just feel the need to add some things here and there. Yeah, right.

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